About Us

Stance Global specialises in technologies and products that give a performance edge. The technologies produce value added horse and cattle feeds, and plant fertilisers.

Stance Agriculture delivers horse and cattle feedsand plant fertilisers for sustainable animal and plant production. These products are based on copra meal,coconut oil, tapioca, palm kernel expeller, dried distillers’ grain, and wheat bran. Our products are unique, technically sound, and give the “performance edge”.

Stance Equine products include CoolStance,CoolFibre, GoStance, Flame PollaBranand PowerStance.

Stance Livestock feeds include CopraStance, GroStance, AGRiliq, Flame PollaBran,Stance Dried Distillers’ Grain, PKE & Pasture Molasses.

Stance Environmental delivers specialist services and technologies for the recovery,processing and beneficial use of waste and byproduct materials into fertilisers, animal feeds, or sources of renewable energy. These technologies include the RDP Envessel Pasteurisation process, and the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis process forstabilising biosolids and generation of renewable energy.