Over 25% of the sludge in the United Kingdom is processed through Cambi.

What does this mean to you

1. THP is a proven technology that you can select with confidence
2. THP reduces sludge volume and odours
3. THP increases plant efficiency

The Cambi Process uses steam and pressure to disintegrate the microbial cells in waste activated sludge (WAS). WAS sludge is typically resistant to anaerobic digestion and is difficult to dewater

The key benefits of the Cambi process include

• Increases digestibility in the anaerobic digesters (50% COD destruction)
• Increases CH4 yield
• Increases solids loading rate to digesters (to 8-10% solids)
• Destroys pathogenic organisms
• Reduces total sludge volume
• Increases cake dewaterability (to 30-35%)

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