Certified Organic

Primephos B-Organic Guano

Primephos Guano – the natural alternative
Guano is a naturally occurring, high phosphate nutrient source formed from decomposed marine bird droppings. It has been a traditional source of phosphate for agriculture for centuries and has significant benefits over synthetic phosphate fertilisers.

PrimePhos B- Organic Guano is an organic fertiliser providing 8.5% P and 30% Ca in an easy to use granular form. It provides a superior, cost effective, alternative to other phosphate fertilisers.

Features and benefits

  • Certified Organic. A natural plant nutrient source that is beneficial to the environment that is certified organic for use in organic production systems.
  • Contains immediate and slow release phosphates.  Provides available P at the time of planting and sustained availability throughout the growing season.
  • Low phosphorus fixation rates. More of the applied phosphorous is available for crop growth.
  • Natural alternative to superphosphate. Provides similar phosphate content to superphosphate with better availability and soil health benefits.
  • Excellent source of calcium. Contains 50% more calcium than superphosphate.
  • High Calcium content. Assists nutrient uptake, encourages root development and promotes rapid plant establishment.
  • Low levels of heavy metals.  Does not contain high levels of detrimental heavy metals that are common in other phosphate fertilisers.
  • High in Silica. Provides improved plant stress resistance, improved yield and resistance to pest and disease attack.
  • Micronutrient rich. Provides an excellent source of micronutrients particularly zinc and organic carbon for better soil health and nutrient balance.
  • Contains natural mineral and organic content. Encourages beneficial soil microorganisms, creating healthy soil and increased plant quality and crop yield.
  • Granular form. Easy to apply and to blend with other fertilisers.
  • Suitable for all soil types. 
  • Hydroponic use. Can be mixed with water for hydroponics.
  • Analysis. 9.5% P 30% Ca

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