Certified Organic

B-Organic Natural Gypsum

B-Organic Natural Gypsum is pure gypsite, with very low levels of heavy metals. A certified organicinput (with The Organic Food Chain), B-Organic Natural Gypsum contains 22% Calcium and 17.5% Sulfur.

Why Apply B-Organic Natural Gypsum?

  • For an improvement in soil structure
  • For a source of Ca and S, essential for plant growth
  • For amelioration of sodic, hardsetting and surface crusting soils
  • For improved water infiltration and soil pore stability
  • For higher dissolution and availability of calcium at pH > 6.5 compared to lime

Gypsum for Sodic and Unstable Soils – How it works:

Sodic, hardsetting and surface crusting soils are structurally degraded and unstable because high levels of Sodium (Na) in these soils cause the clay particles to disperse. Soils with dispersive clays can be ameliorated by adding gypsum to flocculate (stabilise) the clay particles.

  • Calcium from gypsum replaces Sodium on clay particles, stabilising soil structure
  • Clay particles flocculate and remain flocculated when wet
  • Flocculated clays allow more water to infiltrate the soil profile, reducing runoff and erosion

Benefits of B-Organic Natural Gypsum:

  • B-Organic Natural Gypsum is pure gypsite
  • Greater than 95% gypsum
  • 22% Calcium (Ca) and 17.5% Sulfur (S)
  • Low levels of heavy metals particularly Cadmium

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