Flame PollaBran

Flame PollaBran provides ruminants, pigs and poultry with protein and energy.

Made from a blend of wheat-pollard and wheat-bran(the outer layers of the wheat seed), Flame PollaBran makes a useful and affordable addition to the feed ration.

In ruminants Flame PollaBran can also assist instimulating rumen function and improve weight gains.   Its high-fibre flakes provide rumen microbes with digestible fibre and starch, plus rumen degradable protein (RDP).  These nutrients help to boost populations of microbes in the rumen, thereby increasing the beast’s ability to digest and derive energy from fibrous feeds (i.e. grass and hay).  This is particularly useful for ruminants grazing low protein pastures or hays.  Weaners – whose rumens are yet to fully develop – can also benefit from Flame PollaBran.

(Flame PollaBran was previously known as Flame Mill Run).

Stance Global Pty Ltd hereby makes this declaration subject to the conditions and procedures stated and warranted by the Australian Wheat Board for wheat sold to Papua New Guinea for flour milling for human consumption. The Mill Run is a byproduct of flour milling and is bagged, loaded directly into containers and sold to us ex PNG.

The Mill Run is in no way treated by Stance Global Pty Ltd after receival into its care. The Mill Run is passed from the vendors care into the clients care in the same condition as the Mill Run is received from our PNG supplier. Stance Global Pty Ltd to the best of its knowledge believes that Mill Run supplied to its clients is fit for the intended use of feeding livestock at the time of transfer of ownership of the feedstuff.

Papua New Guinea supplier states in their Cattle Care Accreditation correspondence for Mill Run;

“We advise that Mill Run produced in PNG, is free of any chemical input, and does not contain any materials that are prohibited for use as feeds for ruminant livestock. We advise that the Mill Run is routinely analysed at a NATA accredited laboratory for chemical residues”.

Also known as (Mill Mix, Pollard and Bran, Broll)
Production Process

Mill Run is produced from the separation of the endosperm and germ from wheat seed for flour production for human consumption. The wheat grain is mechanically scalped to remove the bran layers (epidermis, hypodermis, cross cells, tube cells, testa and nuclear tissue, plus some endosperm) from the endosperm and germ cells. The wheat is shipped from Australia after being tested at three different stages – harvest, pre-outturn residue testing and shipping residue testing.

Mill run is the byproduct from the production of flour and semoline from wheat seed. Mill run is the outer bran layers of the wheat seed.
Typical Analysis (dry matter basis)%

Moisture 12.0

Crude protein 15.0

Fat 4.2

Fibre 10.4

Ash 4.9

ME (Mj/KjDm) (Ruminants) 13.5

DE (Mj/KjDm) 15.0


The Mill Run is packed in 40kg polypropylene bags. Country of Origin Australian wheat processed in Papua New Guinea and re-exported as mill run to New Zealand.

Flame PollaBran Brochure – 186 KB