Copra meal

Copra meal is produced in the extraction of oil from coconuts.  The coconut is manually harvested, the outer husk removed, and the white copra cut from within the shell. The copra is dried by direct or indirect drying, using the husk and shell as the fuel source.  When the copra is dry, the oil is mechanical or solvent (hexane) extracted to yeild 70% coconut oil and 30% copra meal.  The residual meal is called copra meal. It is brown because it has been cooked.

Direct drying results in poor poor quality, smoke flavoured copra meal.  Solvent extracted copra meal contains only 2-4% residual coconut oil. Mecanical expelled copra meal contains 8-12% coconut oil.  Copra meal quality varies considerably, and can contain high levels of aflatoxin in meal that has been poorly processed and stored incorrectly.


High quality copra meal contains approx 20% protein, 8-12% oil, and low Non Structural Carbohydrates (NSC)

Copra meal as an animal feed.

Stance pioneered the development of assured quality copra meal as a high quality feed for horses and cattle. Only high qulaity, mechanically expelled copra meal is used for animal feeds.

CoolStance is high quality copra meal for horses

CopraStanceis high quality copra meal for livestock.

PowerStanceis powdered coconut oil for all animals to provide energy and MCT for gut health.

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